I’ve always tended to chuckle whenever I follow a conference hashtag on Twitter because there are just so many little cliches that fit in 140 characters or less, and the tweets tend to end up looking like something you’d find on a sign outside a church. To be fair, it usually isn’t the person tweeting

Andy Selsberg’s op-ed in The New York Times this weekend got me thinking about the difficulty of professional writing in the age of Twitter. As someone that was taught the standards of a five-paragraph essay, or a 500-word report paper, the modern style of professional writing simply doesn’t fit this mold any longer. Many will

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams is trying to woo people back to Twitter’s Website (yes, the one that you probably only go to in order to change your password). It seems that it is an attempt to make the website do some of the cool things that the iPad app and other third party apps are

Just found this neat little Twitter tool: http://www.blastfollow.com/

If you have hosted or attended an event that you enjoyed and want to instantly follow the participants, just enter the hash tag (#) created for the event and hit Get Users.

Once that list has appeared, you will be able to automatically add these people to