The Financial Times reported at the end of January that “Evan Williams, the chief executive and co-founder of Twitter, which has been credited with helping anti-government protesters in Iran to organise resistance, said software developers were working on ‘interesting hacks’ to stop any blocking by foreign governments.” Is it just me or did this bother

I read a great study about the difference between Generation X and Generation Y female online activity.According to PopSugar Media—isn’t that a great name, by the way?—two-thirds of female Gen Xers rely on female Gen Yers to define pop culture trends. And female Gen Yers are twice as likely as female Gen Xers to

Twitter has come out with a great idea of allowing you to create “lists” of your favorite people and seeing what all of them are saying within a single view. Twitter is calling this the (unoriginal) “Twitter Lists“. The list idea is great, but for some reason they left out one feature that