Have you ever worked for a manager who never seemed to have a consistent story, need, question, or approach to a situation, fix, problem or goal?  One day you are told to approach a problem in one fashion and the next day you are told to approach the problem in an opposite way. This type

Culture is a very important aspect of how well an organization functions.  Most experts agree, culture is more important than pay when discussing employee satisfaction, and yet, many organizations place no value on corporate culture.  They believe, because you cannot easily measure culture, it does not connect with the company’s bottom line.

Here are the top three motivators

Steve Jobs

1955 – 2011

Steve Jobs has had a profound impact on personal computing and beyond.  His vision, drive, care, aesthetic eye and belief in self should serve as an example to us all.  Much like the Beatles, who fundamentally transformed rock and roll, Steve Jobs and Apple have fundamentally transformed the world of consumer technology.  Never

For many years we have been talking about Intranets as a place to quickly find information. There has been much discussion about technology improvements and the latest design ideas.  We talk about how to organize (taxonomy) and access (in Outlook or web browser) information. We have even involved attorneys in the design process with the hope

The next big thing needs to be a proactive approach to knowing where data lives and what it means. It needs to include tools to keep data organized and secured regardless of location. 
One of the most exciting areas in legal tech over the past several years has been the growth of intelligent software. When

We have heard a lot of talk over the last 18 months about the consumerization of the enterprise (see Ryan McClead’s posts on 3Geeks  End of Corp IT and CorpTechPocalypse).  This movement from enterprise solutions (solutions designed to be supported on a large scale) to consumer solutions (solutions designed to be supported on a

[Guest Blogger – Ryan McClead

I have seen the future and there is no IT. Oh, there will be people called IT personnel and there will be external IT corporations, but the corporate IT operations and development departments as we know them today, will cease to exist…and soon. A few wise souls may realize

We (IT) are getting more and more pressure to develop systems that enable the client to interact with the Firm in what is being coined as a “real time” or near real time basis.  The technology to communicate in real time has been around for many years, we call that technology a telephone.  You have