While cleaning up my twitter account this week, it dawned on my that something has been missing from my daily stream of twitter information… that nasty twittergiest, @hklawtwits that was constantly telling me how bad the law firm of Holland & Knight was.  The last tweet was posted back on November 29, 2009, and quite frankly wasn’t @hklawtwits best work at all.
I mentioned this twitter account last summer (along with the previous @hklaw account that was doing the same bad mouthing tactics.  Could it be that this angry person just burned out on all that hatred they had built up against what I’m assuming was their former firm? Has he or she just taken a hiatus?  Or… Oh no… could it be that @hklawtwits actually got a job???  This last scenario is the one that seems most believable.  It’s amazing how gainful employment can keep angry people occupied.
I’ll keep a special place in my twitter heart for @hklaw and @hklawtwit and their super-sized anger tweets against Holland & Knight.  We can only hope that someday they are fired from their current law firm and can refocus all that anger toward someone new.  Until then, I guess I need to seek out some other angry twitter’ers out there in the vast twitterverse.