So, it was snowing in Houston today. My sister texted a photo full of snow at 6:30 am–a neighborhood once covered in Harvey now covered in snowflakes.

Just finished my analytics reports. Not sure how many of you use Google Analytics. It has changed a lot since I first started using it back in

I had the honor and pleasure of sitting between Mary Abraham and John Gillies at the ARK KM Conference in New York City over the last two days.  Mary and John are two of the most prolific and talented live tweeters on the planet. They attend conferences and tweet nearly every word coming from the

When I saw this tweet from Jason Wilson about the Legal Marketing Associations Technology conference hashtag #LMATech being hijacked, I had a pretty good idea who a couple of the folks were that were doing the hijacking. If any of you ever follow the discussion of Social Media, Marketing and Law Firms, there are those

I’m going to make this post, short and sweet. If you have a social media account that represents your company’s (or law firm’s) brand… safeguard it like it is important. Because it is.

For the second time in a few days, a company’s Twitter account posted inappropriate content under the company’s brand name. The reason

Note: A few weeks ago I saw that the law library at the law firm of Bryan Cave had a Twitter account and was actively tweeting. The concept of a large law firm tweeting isn’t that unusual, but the idea of a library within the firm publicly tweeting did sound a little foreign to me.

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As we say goodbye to 2011 and say hello to 2012, I’d like to take a moment to mention some of the things I’d rather not see make it into the new year (at least on my Twitter Feed.) Besides running into this poor sap that thought getting a Fail Whale tattoo

Many of you have probably played Boardroom Bingo, Buzz-word Bingo, or maybe even Consultant-Speak Bingo… I thought I’d get your Friday started right with a friendly game of Twitter Bingo.

Take a look at the Bingo card below, and whip out your handy-dandy bingo marker (a dark highlighter will work, too) and mark off each