After watching the latest TED Talk by Derek Sivers on “how movements really get started“, I recalled how I understood how to leverage Twitter. Derek talks about how movements start not with a leader but with its first follower. For what is a leader but a nut case until he is followed?

As you might remember, I am a big fan of Ashton Kutchner. I think he is completely under-estimated as a marketer. In fact, I think that is probably his biggest strength: he is willing to act a fool in order to laugh all the way to the bank.

When I first started on Twitter, I watched him and Demi interact with each other. And I realized something: they had a tacit agreement to retweet each other’s tweets. Of course, we all know that when you retweet something your exponentially exposing someone else’s work to your followers. But what if you had an agreement between three people to retweet each other’s tweets?

Yeah, you got it. When 3 gee–errr–people retweet each other’s tweets, it just takes off like a whirlwind.

Just one more reason to encourage companies to embrace social media–the whole is oh so much more than the sum of its parts.

I am happy just be a lowly follower … 😉