I’ve always tended to chuckle whenever I follow a conference hashtag on Twitter because there are just so many little cliches that fit in 140 characters or less, and the tweets tend to end up looking like something you’d find on a sign outside a church. To be fair, it usually isn’t the person tweeting the comment that is responsible for the message… they tend to be tweeting one of those zippy little remarks from the speaker. Today I’ve been following the American Library Association meeting (#ALA11) and though of a good business plan for how to handle those hashtag quotes in a more appropriate way.

There’s a website that I just Googled called Says-It  that allows you to make your own virtual signs. Now, if I can just convince them to set up a feed that allows you to plug in a hashtag, and any resulting tweets would appear with a random church sign, that would be awesome! It would be a lot of images coming in through your browser, but I think it has the desired effect I’m looking for.

Here’s a template of what I’m talking about (I picked on ALA11, but I’ve seen this happen in almost every conference that has a hashtag!)