NOTE: Guest Blogger, Laura Walters joins us one more time to give her review of Twttrlist. Laura’s joined us before with her “Who Washed My Briefs” posting. So, reading Seth Godin’s blog recently I came across a new Twttrlist tool via Squidoo. Having used a Squidoo lens site while writing my MBA dissertation on Virtual Worlds, I was familiar with the site and the technology to some extent and curious as to how this would work with building a more permanent list of favorite Tweets.I asked the Geeks for a review – and walked right in to another guest blog spot. Fortunately, this app is pretty user friendly, so even a part-time Geek like myself could figure it out and set up a simple demo in about 30 minutes. I opted to use a Geek test subject and create a quick list of some of my favorite Tweets from, or about, @glambert.To make things more interesting, the Twttrlist folks are in the process of giving away some Kindles to promote their app. with the review. The concept is simple enough: do a search on a Twitter name, hashtag topic, or keyword of your choice. From the search results, Add the Tweets you want to file in the permanent list, which should appear under My List. When you are done adding Tweets, click Done Adding (one thing I like about Squidoo is their sense of humor about editing tools and functionality – I was loading the page to make some edits and it said, “Drum roll please…”). One immediate drawback I noticed, it looks like you are only allowed to search back about a week on the initial list creation (once your lens is created, you can add older Tweets, but this isn’t explained anywhere on the creation site).
After you have your list, you must allow the app to access your Twitter account. After this, you are prompted to select a category for your list (somewhat limited here – the closest category they had to Law was Business), and add keywords about the list. The keywords seem picky – or there’s a hang up when you go to create your list – as it seems to only accept one keyword. To make matters worse, it will use your keyword to create your lens title. “Best of ______ on Twitter”. I initially used “law” as the keyword and then had to go in and change the title once my lens was created.
Obviously, you must have a Squidoo account (lensmaster) or create one to set up a Twttrlist, but there is no charge for this.
Once your lens is created, you can edit it to add additional Tweets to the list, bio info about yourself, photos, and so on. You can also add your own Tweet feed at the bottom of the list – or create a “best of” list of your feeds for promo. You can add tags to make your lens easier to find in searches.
And here you have it…the best of (some of) glambert! Walters is the Director of Practice Group Management at Foster Pepper PLLC in Seattle, WA. Laura has spent more than 15 years specializing in change management, business development, and competitive intelligence for both law firms and corporations.