I read a great study about the difference between Generation X and Generation Y female online activity.According to PopSugar Media—isn’t that a great name, by the way?—two-thirds of female Gen Xers rely on female Gen Yers to define pop culture trends. And female Gen Yers are twice as likely as female Gen Xers to rely on social media to identify new brands and products. YAY me. :)I am right on the cusp of Gen Y. And I am in a position of influence. And I’m in charge of social networking for my firm. That means if a law firm is smart—and aren’t they all?—they would put a woman in the middle of her career in charge of their online strategy and let her rip. Arm her with the firm’s online social media policy, heck, maybe even let her craft it, then let her develop a web presence on behalf of the firm.I am watching a good friend of mine @KatDeLia do this for her segment of her professional services firm. I don’t think that either she or the firm realize what is going to happen.. But the results are inevitable. Mark my words, in a few months she is going to hit everyone’s radar in her office and in her industry. She’s out there every day, conscientiously tweeting about her firm. One tweet at a time, she is going to turn eyes her way. And the pay off is going to come. Because she is a likeable, attractive face in the crowd of professional services.And that is important because one of the points that the study made is that Gen Yers are extremely skeptical and seek genuine and authentic messaging. Interestingly, @KatDeLia and I were talking about this very issue last week. We have both discovered that on Twitter, if you talk “occasionally” about funny, family, quirky stuff, you are more likely to get read. And that is the point. In the overcrowded sphere of social media, you need every edge you can get. So, as we girls like to say, if you got it, flaunt it. Because it doesn’t last forever (this is me speaking from the far end of the Gen Y cusp). And you don’t just have to be a female to make this work for you. Be adorable. Be cute. Be attractive. Then talk business. Because, as @KatDeLia likes to say, “a girl’s gotta eat.”