We’ve all probably sat through those “60 Apps in 60 Minutes” programs at a conference and watched as a bevy of applications flew past us on the screen. Those are cool, but what how many of those do we actually use when we get back to our office? So, we’ve asked you to share with

At the risk of being typecast as a kooky prophet of doom, I’m going to make another prediction that should prove to be about as popular as my last. Say goodbye to the World Wide Web. Sorry Sir Tim, it was great while it lasted, but it just couldn’t stand the test of time.

Locke Lord Splash Screen

Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell (Locke Lord) released their own iPhone app this week. Although there are only a handful of BigLaw firms that have created iPhone apps, I think that most of “wow” factor faded at this point. These apps are still very useful, but tend to be more of

This morning I was getting an update from LexisNexis on their new and yet-to-be announced stuff and happened to see something flash by on one of the screens. I said: “Whoa- back up there.” Listed on the ‘already have’ section of the presentation was an iPhone App.

After having heard ad nauseam about how Fastcase