Want to buy this Plush Android?

I just bought my first Android.

I know, I know. I was just saying that I just got an iPhone 3.

Well, I dropped the damn thing. And ATT wanted to charge me $250 for the privilege of buying either iPhone 4 for $99 or the 4S for $199. Well, I may be clumsy, but I’m not stupid.

The next best, cheapest option was the SamSung Galaxy S at $150–my first step down the slippery slope towards Androidism.

I’m liking it better than I thought.

Even tho it feels like a fake phone–it is even lighter than my iPhone–it has a bigger screen than the iPhone 3. Although it doesn’t fit as nicely in my hand. And, let’s face it, the aesthetics to the iPhone are just nicer.

But the coolest feature so far? Swype. I had written about Swype back in August of 2010–“Touch Pads and Fingernails: Swype Has a Solution“–and I love it so much more than typing on a touch screen.

And let’s not forget Google, who is pushing for world domination. The entire phone is driven by my Google account.

So I have succumbed to the inevitableness of my paltry little life. A Google sheep I shall be.

Until a better deal comes around!