As many readers of the 3 Geeks know, I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to security. And due to my materials being due last week for TECHSHOW, I’ve decided to weigh in on the iPhone versus Blackberry (BB) debate. Although iPhone gets all the buzz these days (including numerous comments on its lack of security) I still think Blackberry is the smarter choice – especially for lawyers.

As I like to tell my two sons who have iPhones – “My blackberry will do any of the gee-whiz stuff your iPhones will do … only slower. And when it comes to email and calendaring (the core applications for lawyers) I’ll whip your little butts.”

After my recent research on the latest and greatest on the various smart-phone platforms, the BB comes out on top for lawyers for two primary reasons. 1 – BBs focus on the core uses for lawyers. And, 2 – As a mature technology, BBs are stable and more importantly, secure.

Although BB doesn’t have the sheer volume of apps iPhone has, it does have the ones that matter. A quick stroll through App World shows many useful tools, including legal-specific apps like time-keeping. On the versatility side, BBs come in every size, shape and form. You can chose from a flip phone Pearl to the new Storm 2 touch screen. iPhone comes in one form factor.

I will say this for iPhone, Droid, Palm and Windows Mobile; if they figure out how to live behind the firewall and polish up their security and stability, BB will be in for a real fight

So … although my boys can find the closest Starbucks much faster than I can, I’ll stay productive and secure on my BB. Perhaps the technologies reflect the relative generational perspectives. The boys want fun, blingy stuff. And I want something that’s a functional work-horse and drives the bottom line.

[OMG – that made me sound old. Well … unlike my boys I can actually afford Starbucks.]