LinkedIn has announced the release of its CardMunch iPhone app.

While it is once step closer to implementing my LinkedIn  idea, it still has some snags.

This is what it does:

  1. You take a photo of your buddy’s business card.
  2. The business card image is then emailed and crowdsourced by their around-the-world staff. 
  3. Then the app create a profile in CardMunch with a link to person’s LinkedIn profile. 
So, effectively, you have one more database to mind until that new business contact agrees to be added to your LinkedIn contact list.
Right now I am trying to get my Christmas list ready. I am working in my Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and Outlook to compile all my folks. Then I still have to research my peeps to get accurate physical mailing addresses.
As a side note: why doesn’t everyone put their business address, email address and/or phone numbers into their profile?

How do you expect me to send you my hand-made, especially customized Christmas card and brag sheet?? Seriously, I like you; I want to send you Christmas cards; that’s why you are my LinkedIn connection!

I’ts enough to turn me into Ms. Scrooge.