When it comes to search techniques, you’ll never find a more anal group than librarians. So when search tools start mucking around with the search short-cuts, we tend to shake our heads and mumble something like “it worked just fine the way it was… why do you keep changing it??” In fact, there are many

Is it just me or is Google really killing it?

They launch Google+ and they stepped up their game in every single tool, including … Blogger?!

Well, it seriously needed it.

The new interface is optional–yes, if you want to keep using that old, clunky, uncooperative Blogger go right ahead–but the new interface works

We have heard a lot of talk over the last 18 months about the consumerization of the enterprise (see Ryan McClead’s posts on 3Geeks  End of Corp IT and CorpTechPocalypse).  This movement from enterprise solutions (solutions designed to be supported on a large scale) to consumer solutions (solutions designed to be supported on a

The news of Google investing in Rocket Lawyer got me thinking about the dynamics of the broader market for legal services. On one end of the market we have the discussion about how BigLaw is broken. There is a long and growing list of broken pieces of BigLaw, including: how fees are billed, how marketing