Kingsley Martin has done it again. We have previously mentioned his next-generation, analysis KM system on 3 Geeks before, but recently he crossed another threshold: Document Generation with Google Docs.
In a prior dot-com life, I used to sign NDAs at least once a week. I always wondered why they were so different, but yet not really. Of course the differences were idiosyncratic to the various lawyer authors. But the real meat of the document was always the same: You can’t tell anybody about this stuff.
So Kingsley, using his Contract Standards web service, analyzed a volume of NDA documents, and then boiled them down to their “standard” clauses. Then he was able to utilize Google docs in concert with his Contract analysis system (a.k.a. KIIAC) to establish a simple, easy-to-use NDA document generation service.
Simply answering seven questions and providing your email address will generate your own, functional NDA. Of course you may want a lawyer look this over and provide their counsel. But you won’t have to pay them to draft it.
And – just as importantly, you no longer have to pay tribute to Microsoft to create the document.
What is the world coming to and what will Kingsley think of next? We can’t wait to find out. In the meantime, we suggest you try the Contract Standards Google Docs NDA generator.