I saw this morning where Law.com was now available on the new Google Currents platform for Android and iOS devices. In checking out that news, I discovered that we could also add 3 Geeks and a Law Blog to the list of publishers available on Google Currents, so I jumped at the opportunity. Set up was very easy, and within about ten minutes (probably less) it was up and running.

Go check out the new Google Currents publication app and let us know what you think (search on the word “law” to find our Currents page.) I’ve tested it on my iPad, but haven’t seen what it looks like on an Android or iPhone platform yet (other than the template Google provides in its Producer page.) It looks pretty cool to me on the iPad, but I may be caught up in the afterglow of being able to put the blog out there so easily.

If you’re a blogger and want to get your blog out there on Google Currents, you can go to the “Producer” page and fill out all of the information. It is fast and easy (and free!), so there isn’t much of a reason to not test it out.