One of my friends (who also happens to be a Westlaw Rep) mentioned that she had some clients that were confused when I discussed “Cost Recovery” in the past:

They are on flat rates, and are small 3 or 4 atty firms….so they were relieved to learn that oddly enough, usage has nothing

This past week-end, the Houston Chronicle released its Chronicle 100–a list of the top 100 businesses in the city.

Apart from the Chron 100 list, there are news items that feature various industries. One of them included “the law”.

Well, I am pleased to inform you that little old me was featured in the story,

Last week I gave a presentation to the Houston Chapter of the AMA (on a side note – legal marketers would be wise to reach outside the LMA). After the presentation a couple of marketers from the oil industry were sharing recession stories and asked how law firms were doing. The presumption was that

Last week, I poked a little at some BigLaw blogs that had seemingly died from neglect. The posting got some attention around the Blogosphere, and over the next couple of days I got some phone calls and emails from some of the firms I listed as having “dead” or “dying” blogs. The general consensus from

I have been thinking about the cult of personality lately. As geeks, we always like to think we are so nouveau, so cutting-edge in our attempts to lasso technology. Especially in the social media arena. Our pink-haired, horn-rimmed nerdy selves keep trying to out-tweet, out-blog and out-optimize one another in an effort to be ahead