There are lots of legal issues covered in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Ep. 4, but almost all of that coverage missed the mark this week. Still, we dive into the legal issues ranging from False Imprisonment and Theft, all the way to Tax and Insurance law. There’s a lot to unpack in “Is this not Magic.”
Can you get an injunction against magic?
Donny Blaze and his hype-man, Cornelius, are presenting magic shows using the mystic arts that Donny learned in his one week at Kamar Taj. Wong is not happy about it and hires She-Hulk to stop him using the courts. (Although, the shadow dimension was offered up by Wong as an extrajudicial alternative.)
We were just as happy as the rest of the MCU watchers on the Madisynn/Wongers BFF coverage and we’re excited to see the potential for the “Big Bad” on the show, Titania, using Intellectual Property Law to strike at the heart (and name) of She-Hulk.

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Don’t threaten your opponents with demons
While Jennifer Walters seems to be coming into her own in her role as She-Hulk, Attorney at Law, we did notice that she may be too eager to use her SuperHuman status to threaten legal opponents. We hope that Jen will rely more on the legal system, and not hold demons over other legal parties to get them to sign settlement agreements.
GLK/H Technology – Heavy use of MS Office
At the encouragement of our friend Sarah Glassmeyer, we look into the type of technology at GLK/H. So far, it looks like they are a “Windows Shop” with Microsoft Windows and MS Office. We do get a look at Jennifer’s “To Do List.” How would you like to be a Summer Associate in the SuperHuman Law Division of GLK/H?? Apparently, Jen will be interviewing law students for those positions. Along with her other 91 tasks on that to do list.
Everyone would be disbarred in this show
All in all, this was a fun episode, but we go through a list of legal practice issues that just wouldn’t fly in the real world. But then, that’s why this is the MCU/Disney+, and not the real world.
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Competitive Intelligence in law firms happens.  I know it does because for almost ten years, I have been doing it. And still, it seems CI in law firms is a mystery, an enigma to those in the legal community as much as in the CI community.  I am writing this post as I fly home