I thought I misread the LexBlog “New Blogs” post this morning when it said that Fox Rothschild just launched its twenty-sixth (that’s 26!!) blog this week. Holy crap!!  Twenty-Six Blogs from a BigLaw Firm??? That is completely amazing. Not only that, but in my quick scan of the blogs, it seems that there is current content (no older than two or three weeks at most) on each of the blogs.

In an age where many firms are still struggling to come to grips with social media, it seems that Fox Rothschild has grabbed social media by the horns and is showing everyone else how to ride it. As Mark Silow, Fox Rothschild Administrative Partner, puts it:

“Clients depend on communication from counsel to keep track of the legal changes that affect their business. That’s why we speak with our clients on every level — including using innovative communications like Blogs.”   

It is good to have trailblazers out there for the rest of the flock to follow.  Keep up the great work!!  One hint to the webmaster at FR, though… go ahead and link to the actual blog page… and skip the intermediate page that doesn’t have any content!! Here’s a list of all of the blogs:

Art Law
Attorneys Gary Moriwaki, Daniel Schnapp and John Wait cover issues relating to art litigation and finance, specifically art recovery, art preservation, art as collateral and valuation of art. They also discuss recent trends in the art market.
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California Employment Law Blog
Labor and Employment attorneys Keith Chrestionson, Alex Hernaez and Jeff Polsky discuss a wide variety of legal challenges faced by California employers, including class actions, wage and hour, overtime, discrimination, harassment and privacy issues.
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Condemnation & Eminent Domain
Fox Rothschild has one of the leading eminent domain and real estate litigation practices in the country. Join David Snyder, co-chair of the firm’s Condemnation Practice Group, as he provides useful information and commentary regarding developments in the law, updates on projects and helpful tips regarding eminent domain and other real estate litigation related topics. This is an excellent resource for real estate professionals, property owners and condemnors who may be embarking upon a new project.
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Delaware Bankruptcy Litigation
Join attorney Jason Cornell, whose practice includes representing a broad range of clients in bankruptcy matters before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District Court and the Third Circuit, as he offers his take on corporate bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware and throughout the United States.
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Delaware Intellectual Property Litigation
Wilmington Office Managing Partner Gregory B. Williams explores the decisions issued by the U.S. District Court of Delaware in the areas of antitrust and intellectual property law.
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Education Law
Timothy Gilsbach, Mark Fitzgerald, A. Kyle Berman and Jeffrey T. Sultanik maintain a blog about education law, highlighting the statutory and regulatory changes and offering observations about the educational society and the impact that society has on educational institutions. Topics covered include gender discrimination, special education, parental rights, higher education, student speech and services and Title IX.
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Employee Benefits
This blog provides updates and commentary on various topics specific to the interaction between employee benefits and human resources, with an eye toward topics salient to the administration of employee benefit programs in conjunction with employment concerns. It is essential to keep current on the changes in the law (and, in some instances, case decisions) that directly impact benefits plan administration – including the ever-changing “reasonable person” standard under ERISA. Any professional who actively participates in the administration of plans and has questions regarding the current state of the law and the interaction of the law with human resource obligations will find this forum helpful.
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Employment Discrimination Blog
The firm’s Employment Discrimination Blog covers all aspects of employment discrimination and harassment, including new court decisions and legislation, compliance, best practices, interesting trends in workplace relations and employment-related issues affecting employers.
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Fair Housing Defense
Join Fox Rothschild attorneys Scott Badami, Karin Corbett and Christian Moffitt as they provide insight and information on and compliance with the Fair Housing Act and its state and local counterparts. The blog provides a forum for issues of interest to apartment owners and management companies as well as professional management employees.
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Family and Medical Leave Act
With new regulations regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) on the horizon, and requests for FMLA leave on the rise, employers need to be aware of new developments in FMLA case law and regulations. Join Catherine Barbieri, a partner in Fox Rothschild’s Labor & Employment Department and the firm’s Hiring Partner as she discusses changes to FMLA, what employers need to know and how to respond on the FMLA Blog.
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Fashion Law Blog
Staci Riordan, chair of the firm’s Fashion Law practice, covers a wide variety of business issues faced by the fashion industry, including strategic planning, licensing, trademark and copyright infringement, the Design Piracy Prohibition Act, employee issues and much more, in the firm’s Fashion Law blog.
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Federal Taxation Developments
Join nationally recognized tax attorney Jerald David August as he discusses recent tax legislation, regulations, rulings and case law developments have resulted in a significant amount of new information that can substantially impact taxpayers.
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Getting Funded Law Blog
Looking for financing for a project or business in the current economic climate? Attorneys Gregory Kleiber, Michael Maransky, Megan Duryea Santana and Robert Walper cover a wide variety of topics pertaining to getting loans and funding, including traditional bank financing, sale-leaseback arrangements, public-private partnerships and much more.
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HIPAA, HITECH and Health Information Technology
Need information about the legal developments, issues, and other pertinent information relating the creation, use, and exchange of health information? Look to Fox’s HIPAA, HITECH and Health Information Technology blog. Join our multidisciplinary team of Fox attorneys as they discuss topics such as EHRs and PHRs; HIEs, RHIOs, and EHR networks; privacy and security; breaches; recent legislation; intellectual property issues; physician perspectives; litigation risks, among other related topics.
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IP Legal Watch
The IP Legal Watch Blog analyzes issues of interest concerning patent, copyright, trademark and related litigation, with an emphasis on recent court decisions and breaking news.
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New Jersey Family Law
Fox Rothschild’s New Jersey Family Legal Blog provides practical information and useful tips related to such topics as alimony, child support, custody, parenting time, divorce, equitable distribution, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence and grandparent visitation. This blog is an excellent resource for individuals with New Jersey specific family law questions and advisors whose clients may encounter family law issues.
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New Jersey Real Estate
The New Jersey Real Estate Blog, authored by Fox Rothschild attorneys Jeffrey Hall, Jack Plackter, Alexander Wixted and Andrea Tompkins Wright, serves as a source of information on topics related to New Jersey real estate property law and development. The blog provides information on topics such as land use and zoning, green building and tax appeals. It also provides new case law as well as legislative and regulatory updates. The blog is intended to be a resource for multifamily, industrial, mixed use and commercial property owners and developers.
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PA Brownfields & Environmental Law
Join M. Joel Bolstein as he offers his thoughts about information and developments in Pennsylvania brownfields and environmental law. Topics Joel has discussed include low risk sites, SIA agreements, the Hazardous Site Clean-up Act (HSCA), and more.
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Pennsylvania Family Law
The Pennsylvania Family Law Blog provides readers with information on and insight into Pennsylvania Family Law issues, including divorce, equitable distribution, alimony, child support, spousal support, alimony pendente lite, and custody.
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Physician Law
For those seeking current news and updates on legal issues affecting physicians and non-institutional providers in both their personal and professional lives, Fox’s Physician Law blog is for you. Attorney Todd A. Rodriguez offers his insights and tips on new legislation and legal issues relating to practice management, billing and coding, ancillary services, malpractice insurance, fraud and abuse developments, and other important legal issues.
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Privacy Compliance & Data Security
Privacy compliance and electronic data security affect almost every business. Data breach prevention is essential. Fox Rothschild’s Privacy Compliance & Data Security Blog will help readers navigate through the policies and best practices of data breach response. The Blog covers topics including compliance with data protection laws and regulatory enforcement and litigation as well.
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Sports Law Scoreboard
Jeffrey Kravitz, Ismael Bautista, Jr. and Edward Hayes are dedicated sports fans and practicing attorneys. Their blog highlights current news in sports and discusses the associated legal implications in a manner designed to entertain and inform the sports community, fellow fans and casual observers.
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Wage & Hour — Developments & Highlights
Members of Fox Rothschild’s Labor & Employment team provide the latest information and commentary on developments in wage and hour law, including classification of employees as exempt/nonexempt, class action issues and cases, independent contractor developments and cases, what does and does not constitute “working hours” and much more.
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White Collar Defense & Compliance
Fox Rothschild’s White Collar Defense & Compliance blog includes articles of interest to both practioners and corporate counsel in the areas of criminal defense, regulatory compliance, and internal investigations. Our objective is to identify new cases and developments, as well as statutory/regulatory enactments of note, and to spot emerging trends in these practice areas. Your comments, including suggestions concerning other content which may be of interest, are always welcome.
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Here are the two launched this week:

Life Science Blog
Fox Rothschild’s Life Science Blog focus their posts on pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biologics, foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, animal feed and Drugs, radiation-emitting Products and nanotechnology.

Franchise Law Update Blog
In Fox Rothschild’s Franchise Law Update you won’t find only a discussion of the regulatory aspects of franchising, but diverse topics including business finance, employment, litigation, and the protection of intellectual property like trademarks and copyrights.