[Note: Sometimes… they come back!!] Last year about this time, I pushed out a list of blogs that were written by attorneys or others within BigLaw firms. Out of curiosity, and somewhat of a response to Jim Beck and Mark Herrmann at Drug & Device Law, I thought I’d review the list that both I put out and the great list that Kevin O’Keefe put out on BigLaw Blogs and see which ones no longer exist.

After going through the two lists, and reviewing 200+ blogs, I found 73 that were either flat out dead, or were dying through the lack of recent posts. I defined “dying” as the lack of any blog post for at least a month. Perhaps labeling a blog as “dying” just because there hasn’t been a posts in over a month may be harsh, but that’s my guideline and I’m sticking to it!
There are a few on here that are dead for good reason (e.g., the firm no longer exists.) There are a few on here where the attorney moved on to other jobs and left BigLaw behind. And, there are a few that were clearly “short-term” blogs designed for a specific purpose.
One of the things that I was very impressed with when reviewing the 200+ blogs was the fact that most of these blogs were very active. In fact, many of the active blogs had posts that were put up this morning. And almost all of them had at least one post in the month of December. Although here is a list of BigLaw blogs that are dead or dying… there are still plenty more out there to enjoy.

Law Firm Blog Name Date of Last Post
Alston & Bird Securities Litigation Blog 9/15/2009
Arent Fox AdvertisingLaw.com No Longer Available
Baker & Daniels Climate News Live 10/21/2008
Blackwell Sanders Fair Use Blog 11/2/2009
Blank Rome Maryland Intellectual Property Law Blog 8/25/2009
Bracewell & Giuliani Financial Industry Task Force Blog 6/16/2009
Bradley Arant Mississippi Law Blog No Longer Available
Davis Wright Tremaine Corporate Finance Law Blog 8/18/2009
Davis Wright Tremaine Digital Media Law Blog No Longer Available
Davis Wright Tremaine Telecom Law Blog No Longer Available
Davis Wright Tremaine Washington Construction Law Blog 8/18/2009
Epstein Becker Greene Executive Women’s Networking Blog 10/27/2009
Fox Rothschild Employee Free Choice Act Blog No Longer Available
Fox Rothschild Tax Litigation No Longer Available
Frost Brown Todd Ask the Legal Pro No Longer Available
Frost Brown Todd Employer Notes Empty
Goodwin Procter KM Space 3/4/2009 (End of Blog)
Goodwin Procter Real Estate Space 2/23/2009 (End of Blog)
Holland & Hart Climate Change Law Blog 9/23/2009
Holland & Hart NASD, SEC and Regulatory Defense Blog No Longer Available
Hughes Hubbard & Reed White Collar Crime Blog 5/21/2009
Hunton & Williams Reasonable Basis No Longer Available
Ice Miller Agribusiness Blog 2/8/2008
Ice Miller Daily Dose of IP 4/30/2009
Ice Miller Indiana CEO Survey 10/9/2008
Ice Miller Indiana Trailblasers Blog 11/26/2008
Ice Miller Japan Trade Mission 9/12/2007
Ice Miller Life Sciences Blog – Harry Gonso 2/24/2009
Jeffer Mangels *Started on firm* “Avanzado Law Firm” Entertainment Litigation Blog 8/18/2009
K&L Gates Texas Non-Compete Law Blog 5/16/2009
Kilpatrick Stockton EFCA Updates No Longer Available
McGuireWoods Suits in the Workplace 9/23/2009
McKenna Long RFID Law Blog 10/15/2009
Michael Best & Friedrich From Russia With Law 5/4/2008
Morris Manning & Martin Open Source Law Blog No Longer Available
Nixon Peabody Financial Recovery Blog 4/8/2009
Perkins Coie More Soft Money Hard Law 8/21/2009
Quarles & Brady Summer Associate Blog 7/6/2009
Reinhart Deliberations – Law, news, and thoughts on juries and jury trials Announced End of Blog on 11/23/09
Saul Ewing Climate Change 8/17/2009
Saul Ewing New Jersey Zoning Watch No Longer Available
Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold Legal Technology Blog 8/28/2009
Sheppard Mullin Advertising & Promotions Law Blog 9/15/2009
Sheppard Mullin Bankruptcy & Restructuring Blog 10/16/2009
Sheppard Mullin Covering Your Ads 9/15/2009
Sheppard Mullin ESOP Law Blog 4/7/2008
Sheppard Mullin Fashion and Apparel Law Blog 10/29/2009
Sills Cummis & Gross Redevelop NJ 10/14/2009
Sonnenschein Health Care Privacy Law Blog 8/3/2009
Sonnenschein ICDP Blog 10/30/2009
Stinson Morrison Hecker TechKnowledgy 10/23/2009
Thelen Reid Climate Law Update No Longer Available
Thelen Reid Daily News Blog No Longer Available
Waller Landsen Emergency Economic Stabilization Act (EESA) Forum 6/23/2009
Waller Landsen Executive Compensation 10/15/2009
Waller Landsen Healthcare 6/17/2009
Waller Landsen Investment Scams 6/12/2008
Waller Landsen Payment Systems 6/12/2008
WilmerHale Anne McLaughlin’s Blog No Longer Available
WilmerHale Julie Smolinski’s Blog No Longer Available
WilmerHale Kevin Chambers’ Blog No Longer Available
WilmerHale Ross Firsenbaum’s Blog No Longer Available
Wilson Sonsini Semiconductor Law Blog 10/18/2009
Wilson Sonsini Silicon Valley Media Law Blog 4/8/2009
Wilson Sonsini Startup Company Lawyer Blog 7/20/2009
Womble Carlyle China Practice Blog 10/9/2009
Womble Carlyle Commlaw – Mass Media 4/10/2007
Womble Carlyle Commlaw Source 5/15/2008
Womble Carlyle Community Development and Affordable Housing Blog 2/18/2009
Womble Carlyle Construction Industry Blog 7/20/2009
Womble Carlyle Fair Labor Standards Act 9/19/2009
Womble Carlyle Non-Compete and Restrictive Covenants Blog 10/27/2009
Womble Carlyle South Carolina Appellate Law Blog 12/13/2008