I just saw my first Auto-Reply text message for someone that is driving. At first you may say, “Greg, that’s a good idea, because I hate seeing people text and drive!” And, I would agree with you. However, my first experience of the Auto-Reply Text was actually via a Facebook post. I’m sure it won’t

Honestly answer the following questions:

  • What did two of your High School classmates do this weekend?
  • What is the favorite band of one of your peers that you hang out with at your professional conferences?
  • Can you find a link to an article that someone you follow on Twitter, but you have never actually met, wrote the

I, Sophia Lisa Salazar, come by my geekness honestly. Born of a math wizard who programmed way before computer classes existed, my sisters are, respectively, a calculus teacher and the other, a patent attorney with an MBA and two engineering degree. Against them, my humble J.D. glitters like pyrite.

So you can only imagine the ambivalent,