I know that we’ve talked for years about the amount of information that people give out freely via social media platforms, but I haven’t seen any video that’s better than Jack Vale’s Social Experiment in showing strangers how much he can know about them just by reviewing their social media posts.

For those Fall Associates, next year’s Summer Associates, or the Senior Partners that post on social media site, have them take a look at this video to see just how easy it is to gather information. Of course, as someone that conducts research for a living… tell them to keep on posting. It makes me look very good when I’m able to report on a potential lateral and give out quality information like their kids’ names, where they like to vacation, and where they frequent on the weekends.

My favorite part of the video comes around the 3:15 mark where one of the ‘pranked’ victims says “Thanks for invading my privacy.” I don’t think he understands what privacy means. He’s not alone.