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I read a great interview of an EVP from a major financial institution recently. It had two value points for me. The first was the international economic data he explained. He basically said everything is in place for a major expansion, except nobody seems to be paying attention. Whether that bodes

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I attended a seminar last week on process management in legal departments. Onit sponsored it and the content was quite useful.

However, beyond the value of the content on process innovation, I retrieved a golden nugget of wisdom. Bradford Power, an expert on process innovation and change, was speaking on

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I was on a call recently where a bunch of HR Directors were discussing, among other things, training new employees and providing those newer to their job or profession the skills they need to be successful.  Someone asked the question, “Does anyone have training programs in place that address this?” and one

After seeing a recent seminar on legal industry stats, one stat jumped out at me. The stat was interesting not because it was new, but instead since it just keeps slowly trending in the same direction … down. The Stat: Productivity.

Productivity is essentially the number of hours billed per day per attorney. The ‘per