I recently got the issue of Bloomberg Businessweek routed to me and was quite intrigued by many of the segments included in their Second Annual How To Issue, an issue that the publisher describes as “…a cocktail party…[that’s]…all about the mix of guests.”  Although not all of the segments were relevant to the different

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I was on a call recently where a bunch of HR Directors were discussing, among other things, training new employees and providing those newer to their job or profession the skills they need to be successful.  Someone asked the question, “Does anyone have training programs in place that address this?” and one

I seem to be encountering a lot of information about teams lately. Last week, I sat in on a webinar put on by Patrick Lencioni, the author of many books on teamwork, including The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Then, in reviewing the April 2012 issue of Harvard Business Review, I read two

I don’t know if I was in my right mind a few weeks ago when I asked Greg if I could start doing some regular guest posts to his blog.  I think I might have just not had enough coffee yet to have come to my senses. Nevertheless, I asked, he answered, and I can’t