The AALL 2013 Annual Meeting Program Committee (AMPC) sent out a reminder that the deadline to provide your input via a survey for the 2013 annual meeting programming is today, Friday, August 10. The survey is intended to help the AMPC identify topics and issues that affect you most in your workplace and professional development. Furthermore, the results of

I ran across a fun blog run by a Brooklyn, New York public librarian called Screwy Decimal, where Rita Meade has a number of tongue-in-cheek posts about her life in the library and her constant struggle to fight Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to cut public library funding. It’s a fun, award winning, blog with a

The value of Online Social Networks, such as LinkedIn are becoming more of a mainstay in the large law firm arena. Usually the taboos that follow these types of “outside the control of the firm” technologies prevent the use by lawyers or staff of the firm. However, I am seeing a shift in the attitude

I always get inspired whenever I watch a presentation from the TED website. After watching a presentation by Johnathan Harris on collecting and telling stories, I feel that there is a great opportunity for changing the way we collect information. Specifically, I was thinking of how to change the way we do surveys and come