No alt text provided for this imageIf you’ve listened to The Geek in Review podcast the past couple of weeks, you heard that Marlene and I are enjoying the discussions we’ve joined on Clubhouse. Well, we are going to each host a room this week, and we’d love to have the readers of 3 Geeks and the listeners of The Geek in Review join us.

So grab your iOS devices and listen and discuss the following topics this week:

For those of you not on Clubhouse yet, here’s a few suggestions we have for getting on the platform, and finding good content.

  • It is iOS only, so if you have an iPhone or iPad, you’re good. If you have an Android, you’re out (for the moment.)
  • While it is an invite-only platform as of now, we suggest that you download the app and sign up. It puts you on a waiting list, but if you have friends that are already on, they will generally invite you in within a few minutes.
  • Follow people you like.
  • Follow people who have similar interests.
  • Join groups that discuss your interests, and then find people within those groups to follow.
  • Meet new people!!
  • Don’t be afraid to start your own discussion room. (That’s what we did!!)
  • Raise your hand to be invited on stage when you want. Don’t be afraid to just sit back and listen as well. If you get invited to speak but don’t want to, just decline. It’s okay.
  • Don’t be afraid to click the “leave quietly” button if the topic isn’t to your tastes.

The biggest thing is to try new things, and see if something interests you.

We hope you try our sessions this week. See you there!!