By Lisa Salazar (@Lihsa)

I’ve wanted to compare generated photo books for a while now. I can now cross this off of my bucket list.

What I mean by “generated” is that the platform will perform an initial import, or selection from your batch of photos on your phone.

Today, I compare Google

Image [cc] Clive Darra

I started a very robust conversation with some colleagues the other day, including Dan and Jane of this site, who I am certain you will hear from soon, about a decision my team made to opt out of business cards. 

The initial conversation came up because I often get asked for

At the risk of being typecast as a kooky prophet of doom, I’m going to make another prediction that should prove to be about as popular as my last. Say goodbye to the World Wide Web. Sorry Sir Tim, it was great while it lasted, but it just couldn’t stand the test of time.

After years of listening to my friends tell me why they “looooovvveee” their Macs, and how it is “sooooo” much easier to use than a PC, and that I’m an idiot (not a Mac/PC issue apparently), I think I’m finally feeling some empathy for them. Not because I’m going to rush out after 20 years