In the past 25+ years, there have basically been three types of electronic legal publishing. First there was the “terminal” publishing, where the print material was transcribed into a vendor locked format that could only be accessed through a specific machine that you purchased directly from the publisher. Next, the vendor “program” publishing where the

In the latest saga of the newspaper industry’s drama, Google has announced it is NOT buying a newspaper.

Well, what a relief!

The Financial Times reports “potential targets are either too expensive or have too many liabilities.”

No! Shocking.

In my mind, Google’s daydreaming is only that: a fantasy. Plus, they really don’t want to

Time Inc. has developed a 10-week experiment called Mine that will allow subscribers to pick their content and publish it in the requested format. The magazine is free, but limited to 200,000 online subscribers and 31,000 print subscribers.

Similar to your customized Google page, your pods of information are printed in one publication.

Couldn’t you