Time Inc. has developed a 10-week experiment called Mine that will allow subscribers to pick their content and publish it in the requested format. The magazine is free, but limited to 200,000 online subscribers and 31,000 print subscribers.

Similar to your customized Google page, your pods of information are printed in one publication.

Couldn’t you imagine a daily newspaper like this? Honestly, I never read sports sections, horoscopes or grizzly news. But I always read international, business and lifestyle news. Oh, and the funnies.

If I could get a daily, customized newspaper that had monthly features from my favorite magazines: Wired, InStyle, Entertainment and Harpers, how much would I pay for that???

Hmm. That sounds like a very attractive package to me that I might be willing to lay some serious bucks down for . . .

  • I signed up and got my 5 issues!! Thanks Lisa!!

  • Bob Wells wrote:

    Then, the article authors could read their articles into one format which could be downloaded to audio for one’s commute or exercise time. The local paper is offering an electronic version of its print version in addition to posting the articles on its web site. If it hasn’t already moved to customer-selected versions, it likely will.

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