What resource (technological or not) would you invent to transform the legal industry?

This question isn’t about what you think will transform the industry, but rather what you would, if you were all-powerful, create to do so.
Share your thoughts. And don’t just step outside the box, get so far away from it that you

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There has been talk for the last few years about the unsustainability of the Graduate School program in the United States. For many of us, we have heard the segment that talks specifically about law schools, and have watched as many of the schools are caught in… shall we say, stretching the truth

This morning members of the various PLL/SIS AALL groups on LinkedIn received the following notice from PLL/SIS Chair-Elect Steve Lastres. The group has announced a new collaboration among the PLL/SIS, the SLA Legal Division and the CALL Private Law Libraries groups that sounds very exciting.
This new initiative has launched a blog focusing on the

Well, gang, it is that time of year: tax season.Yeah, I know. There is one big collective groan from those now conscious after the New Year.But let me give you a little motivational story, full of inspiration and good cheer.We are living at the foot of the apex of the computer age.We are, for all