What resource (technological or not) would you invent to transform the legal industry?

This question isn’t about what you think will transform the industry, but rather what you would, if you were all-powerful, create to do so.
Share your thoughts. And don’t just step outside the box, get so far away from it that you can barely see it with a telescope.
  • There's not much technology that's needed to transform the legal industry. In some respect, we are already on the way, with services such as Legal Zoom, Free documents out there, etc.

    One problem with the law is the extreme range of interpretation. One technological improvement over the past 5 years is true real-time collaboration.

    Here's a simplified analogy that incorporates differing opinions, experience as well as a 'majority' position:

    Legal advice becomes the equivalent of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"'s "Ask the Audience" lifeline.

    Here's a crazier step: We have no judges, we don't go to court. All evidence is electronic, and Legal Judgments are the outcome of "Ask the Audience".

    Specifics would add weight to someone's opinion when they are board certified, have "x" years of experience, are in one jurisdiction, and so forth.

    The judicial system becomes streamlined, and you immediately have a dissenting opinion expressed. Legislators can then be lobbied to change the laws, as necessary. Court of Appeals and Supreme Courts still exist to insure statutes and common law are followed. When cases are remanded, they are heard before an actual judge. This removes bias today of judges hearing their own remanded cases on appeal.

  • How would I transform the legal industry? At some of the toniest restaurants, the kitchens are entirely open and visible. Patrons see all the chefs scurrying about at a dizzying pace, can peer across some specially designed barrier and watch all sorts of food prep, from searing tuna to whipping foam to garnishing a plate.

    We have talked around transparency the last few years – buyers of legal services clamor for it. I envision a law firm set up like this kitchen – an entirely open environment, where clients enter the law firm space, work side by side with their lawyers, share resources, experience and intelligence.

    Everything in today's law firm would require rethinking – not the least of which is the architecture and office design. No more private offices for individuals. This isn't about throwing privacy and confidentiality out the window – it's about balancing transparency and privacy to better serve our clients.

  • Anonymous

    I would figure out how to use Avaya Web Alive to provide legal services to remote clients and in a pro bono basis. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP_ZVLQflpA

    As congestion grows, the "on demand" culture grows and becomes prevelant for those 18+, and as more people age and start to have difficulty driving/parking downtown, I would like to see the integration of 3-D game technology with 2-D technology like document assembly, and 1-D technology (one on one or phone communication). I would also like to see some of this technology in arbitration and mediation settings.

  • These are all fantastic and very exciting ways to start thinking. Thank you for posting.