I caught the article Why There Are No Bosses at Valve from BusinessWeek today. In my geeky household, developer Valve and their award-winning games (Portal, Half-Life) are very popular, but I never knew that their work environment is as innovative as their games. Of course now I can’t stop thinking about working in a collaborative

Tips for Delivering CI via Email

Social media advocates predict the end of email but, while it is always interesting to consider new, improved ways to disseminate intelligence, most law firms are not likely to drop email any time soon.

Scenario: A litigation partner is leaving for a lunch with a target client and needs

This morning members of the various PLL/SIS AALL groups on LinkedIn received the following notice from PLL/SIS Chair-Elect Steve Lastres. The group has announced a new collaboration among the PLL/SIS, the SLA Legal Division and the CALL Private Law Libraries groups that sounds very exciting.
This new initiative has launched a blog focusing on the

I knew this morning that I felt a blog post coming on… (it’s a little like a cold with less sneezing)

Does everybody know this trick? Maybe I’m the last one to figure it out…either way, it’s a good one! I didn’t want to pick on anyone so I’ve redacted this, hope it still makes