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I used to joke with Geek #1 about how we could pluck a lawyer from 1985, teach her email and Word, send her to a few CLEs to update her legal knowledge and she would be “good-to-go” to practice law. The point being – the practice of law hasn’t changed much

What resource (technological or not) would you invent to transform the legal industry?

This question isn’t about what you think will transform the industry, but rather what you would, if you were all-powerful, create to do so.
Share your thoughts. And don’t just step outside the box, get so far away from it that you

I posed this question on Twitter but got no responses. I suppose that answers that.

But, I think I just got lost in the Twittersphere so I raise the question again.

Do “Real” Journalists Twitter?

You see, I have been having this long-standing debate (well, ok, a 4-month debate) with a former reporter who claims