I was recently discussing with someone what exactly makes a blog a blog.

Is it the interactivity, the commenting, the archiving? Perhaps the cloud tags, the permalinks or the reverse-chronological order?

In my mind, all of these elements are not only optional but also secondary to the most critical aspect of a blog: RSS.


… and I thought I was alone… unique… special in some way. I thought I was the only blogger at my firm, but it turns out I was not alone. Yesterday, I found another person at my firm that was blogging. Not just any person either, but  (“gasp”) a Partner!! Luckily, it turned out that

Is it just me or is Google really killing it?

They launch Google+ and they stepped up their game in every single tool, including … Blogger?!

Well, it seriously needed it.

The new interface is optional–yes, if you want to keep using that old, clunky, uncooperative Blogger go right ahead–but the new interface works

Recently there have been a few blog posting here about vendors, people who try to sell other people products and services. The postings are rants or raves, the kind of things that are well suited to the self indulgent nature of blogs. One such story was mine, recounted by another member of the 3 Geeks

No more lengthy diatribes on NYTimes.com.

I noticed on today’s home page:

A Note to Readers

Starting today, the character limit on comments will be reduced from 5,000 to 2,000 characters. The shorter length will allow for an improved experience for commenters and readers alike. As always, we encourage you to share your opinions