… and I thought I was alone… unique… special in some way. I thought I was the only blogger at my firm, but it turns out I was not alone. Yesterday, I found another person at my firm that was blogging. Not just any person either, but  (“gasp”) a Partner!! Luckily, it turned out that he didn’t know about my blog either. We found out about each other, not through an internal communication, but through a Tweet that was sent out that I happened to see in my Tweetdeck Search column. When I reached out and talked about our shared blogging interest, we both had the same reaction… “Cool!” I know I was a little embarrassed that I hadn’t known about another blogger in the firm, but now that I know, I’m letting everyone else know about it too!!

Richard C. Hsu is a Partner in the King & Spalding Silicon Valley office and came over with a group of IP lawyers from what was then Townsend, Townsend & Crew (now known as Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton.) But, enough about his day job… more importantly, he’s a blogger at The One Page Blog. Hsu’s blog (at the cleverly named hsutube.com … go ahead, say it out loud) focuses in on IP issues, as you might expect of an IP Lawyer, but the interesting angle of this blog is that it presents the information in a visual way using video and other images rather than just text.

Richard discusses his thoughts behind why he is blogging in the section of his blog titled “Lawyer’s Confessions” where he admits that, although he is a super techie (CalTech grad and experienced programmer), he has found himself somehow “out of touch” with the new generation’s mode of communications. He reminds us that, despite our experiences, there seems to always come a day when someone younger comes in and makes us understand that in order to “get with it” we’ll need to climb outside our own comfort zones. For Hsu, that meant playing to the strengths that comes with age/experience, and that is understanding strategy.  He says it best in his explanation of technology and technology strategy:

On the other hand, technology strategy is not technology.  It is strategy.  And strategy’s half-life is more like plutonium:  what worked a thousand years ago works today, and will work in a thousand years….  Invest in understanding strategy now, and you will understand it just as well — probably even better [in the future.]

It is great having someone on the inside that is testing the waters of blogging. I’m sure that we’ll be bouncing ideas off of one another from time to time. Hopefully we’ll inspire others to pick up the urge to blog about what inspires them.

I know that Richard has inspired me to try to get my daughters to contribute their skills to help me blog, as he has done with his daughter Maya:

Now that’s cool! Go check out (and subscribe to) The One Page Blog.