I heard a lot of grumbling from BigLaw attendees at Reinvent Law NY about the consumer legal app commercials sprinkled in and amongst the other presenters.  The easiest and most common target was Shake.

Shake is an app for creating legal contracts on the fly from your phone. You answer a few simple questions,

Next Thursday afternoon at 3:30 PM in the Maryland A conference room of the Gaylord National Resort in Washington D.C., Sean Brady and I will be giving our presentation: APP 13 – The Future of Data Delivery Or: How I Learned to Stop Browsing and Love the App.  

Ours is the last session on

A couple of months ago, I found myself in New York with no obligations for the night and I thought I’d go catch a band at a local club. Sounded like a simple thing to do… I assumed that I could just simply walk down the street and wander blindly into the first club I

My grandmother always taught me that beauty is only skin deep. She’d always say, “pretty is as pretty does.”

Sadly, LinkedIn’s grandmother isn’t nearly as wise.

Although LinkedIn has substantially improved the looks of its iPhone app–the previous iteration was clunky and uncooperative–it is no easier to connect to new people.

One day, I hope

We’ve all probably sat through those “60 Apps in 60 Minutes” programs at a conference and watched as a bevy of applications flew past us on the screen. Those are cool, but what how many of those do we actually use when we get back to our office? So, we’ve asked you to share with