Next Thursday afternoon at 3:30 PM in the Maryland A conference room of the Gaylord National Resort in Washington D.C., Sean Brady and I will be giving our presentation: APP 13 – The Future of Data Delivery Or: How I Learned to Stop Browsing and Love the App.  

Ours is the last session on the last day of ILTA.  For those of you who have ever been to ILTA you know that by Thursday afternoon, most people have learned, networked, and partied (not necessarily in that order) all they possibly can for one week.  Many will have already checked out and be headed toward the airport by the time Sean and I take the stage.  Even those staying at the hotel Thursday night will have mostly “checked out” mentally for the week.   In fact, it is entirely possible that Sean and I will be having a private conversation on The Future of Data Delivery in the Maryland A conference room of the Gaylord National Resort in Washington D.C. at 3:30 PM next Thursday afternoon.  In order to limit the likelihood of that happening, we are asking for your help.

Our presentation is a follow-up to the presentation we gave last year called: The Future of the Browser: Moving Beyond IE, which ILTA members can listen to here.  In that presentation, I argued that the future of the browser was moot because the browser was dead, to be replaced by the App.  And Sean argued that the browser was the end-all and be-all of human endeavor, never to be surpassed by…

     I didn’t say that!!

Hey, Sean, I’m writing this blog post!

     Yeah, but…

Look, you can give your version of events at our session.

     But no one’s going to be at our session.

That’s not my problem.  Go write your own blog post.

Sorry folks, he’s a little touchy because as it turns out, I was pretty much right about the App thing last year.

     Oh Really!?  OK genius, what App are you writing this blog post in?

Uh… Chrome.

    A browser.  Ha!  I rest my case!

Anyway, as I was saying… we need your help.  Our presentation this year is a follow-up to last year’s talk.  We’re going to discuss the current trends in data delivery, the continued shift to mobile, the dominance of the app, the consumerization of everything, and what we as legal technologists can and should do about it.  I am sure we will present points of view on this topic that you will not hear anywhere else at ILTA this year.

I can be sure of that because in addition to our own points of view, we would like to present YOUR points of view.  We have a quick little Google form we would like you to fill out…

     In a browser!

Yes, in a browser!  Are you done?!


Ahem… We would like you to give us a little information about your thoughts on the subject.  We want to know how your firm is handling these issues and your general thoughts on The Future of Data Delivery.  We’re looking for everything from the mundane (the DMS will be social), to the ridiculous (after the singularity we will all communicate via techno-telepathy).

For those of you attending ILTA, stop us in the hall and let us know your thoughts, or we will be handing out our business cards all week with the web form URL on the back.

     Why didn’t you just make the web form into an App?

Because I didn’t think of it in time, smarty.

    So Apps take time, and web forms IN BROWSERS don’t.

Please folks, fill out the form and if you’re at ILTA, stick around Thursday afternoon and attend APP13 at 3:30 PM in Maryland A, to see what we and your peers have to say about The Future of Data Delivery.

    It’s the browser.


Photo of Ryan McClead Ryan McClead

Ryan is Principal at Sente Advisors, a legal technology consultancy specializing in innovation strategy and cross-platform solutions and support.  He has been an evangelist, advocate, consultant, and creative thinker in Legal Technology for more than 15 years. In 2015, he was named a FastCase 50 recipient, and in 2018, he was elected a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management. In past lives, he was an Innovation Architect, Knowledge Manager, a Systems Analyst, a Fashion Merchandiser, and Theater Composer, among other things.