At the risk of being typecast as a kooky prophet of doom, I’m going to make another prediction that should prove to be about as popular as my last. Say goodbye to the World Wide Web. Sorry Sir Tim, it was great while it lasted, but it just couldn’t stand the test of time.

I think I have finally figured out why lawyers don’t like social media. Typing.Yes, typing. Many of the lawyers of a certain generation are used to handing over dictaphone tapes, orating from behind podiums or simply taking handwritten notes on a legal pad. They can’t be bothered to type.Now, with the “burgeoning” of technology into

I had a great time last Friday presenting with Barbara Fullerton from Morningstar, and Scott Riggins from Houston-based Social Mobility at the SLA Texas annual meeting held at the University of Houston. We had a great time going over some new – and some not so new – apps and mobile devices called “Pardon

I was at a party the other night and this guy was showing me his Android.

I really would like to have one but I was telling him that the touch screen gets in the way of my long nails. It is bad enough using the Blackberry keyboard with these nails.

Well, this guy showed

I am so excited! I found a way to have someone read my emails, texts and voicemails to me while I am driving 🙂

Last Wednesday, me and @sapreston were discussing how to configure my Outlook to get it to use a voice command. All were too complicated and NOT EASY TO IMPLEMENT.

So me

I played with Foursquare over the long Christmas weekend and will continue to do so through out this week. I am determined to unlock its B-2-B potential. For the uninitiated, Foursquare was started by five New Yorkers who wanted to keep tabs on their bar-hopping friends. It combines friend-finding and gaming capabilities. Launched in February