Without sharing, what is knowledge?  As parents we work hard to share our life experiences with our kids.  Why is the work environment so different?  
I have said for years that the term Knowledge Management is so misunderstood that it does more harm than good.  I strongly believe there is a place for knowledge

I recently had the privilege of participating in a mentoring session given by a senior partner in my firm.  This partner is a consummate rainmaker and he was sharing how he approaches finding opportunities.  In essence, he is always looking for opportunities to make connections with people.  He talked about making the effort to provide

I was having a discussion with some attorneys recently about making everything accessible from within Outlook. Their collective spin was that they spend all of their time in Outlook, so IT needs to make everything work from within Outlook. My response to this was, “We need to get rid of Outlook. Email clients like Outlook