Steve Jobs

1955 – 2011

Steve Jobs has had a profound impact on personal computing and beyond.  His vision, drive, care, aesthetic eye and belief in self should serve as an example to us all.  Much like the Beatles, who fundamentally transformed rock and roll, Steve Jobs and Apple have fundamentally transformed the world of consumer technology.  Never afraid to make a mistake, Steve Jobs believed he could make a difference and what a difference he made.
Thank You Steve 
Rest In Peace

[Photo credit: JoseLuisApple]
  • I'd say he was more like the Pink Floyd of tech. Much more willing to test the boundaries, making beautiful things that initially only inspired a cult of followers, then eventually, after many years, the masses came to appreciate (and buy) the work… all while keeping an iron fist over what was produced, how it was produced, who produced it, how it was delivered, and who profits from the entire process.

  • Anonymous

    I heard many great quotes this morning regarding Steve Jobs (example: "There have been 3 apples that have changed the world-Eve's, Newton's and Steve Job's.") But what really stuck with me was that everyone kept saying thank you to him. Over and over, comment after comment, all over the world. All these people, who did not know Steve Jobs personally, were just so grateful for how he influenced their outlook and behavior. You could really hear the sincerety in their voices. I am not sure any other manufacturer of devices would get the same outpouring of gratitude.

  • The core (pun intended) of Steve's contribution is that he put usability and user experience on the map, and showed us that it impacts adoption far more than features or even price. Users are desperate to love their tools, and product designers have the power to make that happen, to recognize that it's not enough to solve a technical problem if you don't also solve an emotional one.