“All Problems Are Communications Problems.”

This is Greg’s go to phrase when it comes to working with and leading others. Marlene actually beats Greg to the punch this week when they talk with this week’s guest, Heather Ritchie. Heather is the Chief Knowledge and Business Development Officer at Hicks Morley Hamilton Stewart Storie LLP in Toronto, and as her title suggests, she wears multiple leadership hats at her firm. In her recent ILTA KM article, “12 Ways Marketing & Business Development Can Leverage Library & Knowledge Management Teams,” Ritchie walks us through the value of collaborating between the Marketing/Business Development, Knowledge Management, and Library operations of a law firm. Knowing who brings what talent to the table is key to creating stable and successful environment which results in wins for the law firm. 

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How Is Your Business Changing the Legal Industry?

In part two of our three part series, we hear from four more providers of legal industry products on how they are changing the industry. This week we hear from:

Information Inspirations:

Warning: Greg goes to a bit of a dark place this week after a dreadful morning of social media experiences. Whether it was reviewing “memories” in Facebook, or the Twitter arguments of how LegalWeek and alt.legal are echo chambers for the elites (or are they?), or how racists Tweets from well known political leaders caused one of Greg’s favorite podcast hosts to break down in a recent episode…. It’s been interesting. Will Greg leave Twitter? (Vegas says “not likely.”)

Marlene goes total “Geek” this week with her inspiration of “Conversations with Robots: Voice, Smart Agents & the Case for Structured Content.” She explains where we are with our current web interactions, where we were supposed to be by now, and where we are going. If you are a fan of understanding how information is structured, searched, accessed, and enhanced on the web… this geektacular explanation is for you.

Greg and Marlene, as well as Toby Brown and other 3 Geeks’ members will be at the ARK Library conference in New York next week. Ron Friedmann wrote a preview of his talk on “Information is Power + Profit” on how the old adage of “Information is Power” also brings about profit. We hope to see you there on the 21st! Registration and information is located here.

Finally, Marlene brings up Hawkeye… Alan Alda version, not the Avenger. Alda discusses his long running relationship with Hollywood and how it was the downtime communications that drove the lasting friendships and respect for his fellow M*A*S*H stars. I guess that brings us full circle on the problems, solutions, and communications topics.

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