In the final part of Robert Shaffer’s keynote address to the AALL Vendor Colloquium (see Part One and Part Two), the discussion shifts to how the legal information field is reacting to the trends within the industry, and to the new actions from the consumers of legal information.

  • Can we adopt the Apple to Zappos model?
  • The ROI of a library is still significant, even in the age of dis-intermediation of legal information.
  • Are law reviews and legal scholarly publishing still relevant?
  • How does legal publishing react to the trends of customers self-selecting materials?
  • Can legal publishing finally leverage their non-legal materials and create a broader product?
  • How do we deal with the social media space?

I want to personally thank Roberta Shaffer for presenting the keynote speech. I hope that I have done some justice to the job she did. As with the other two videos, please remember that this is from my notes and memory and should not be considered as a quote directly from Roberta Shaffer.