This is part two of Roberta Shaffer’s keynote address to the AALL Vendor Colloquium (see Part One). In this part, the discussion focuses on:

  • The paradigm shifts in the legal industry on issues of precedence and authority versus availability and consensus. 
  • The idea that there are more “Pro Se Professionals” out there now that don’t want anyone getting between them and “the information” that is available. 
  • The irrelevance of legal education being taught by “edit” and “isolation” and within silos.
  • Why has Morris Cohen’s 1969 statement from “Research Habits for Lawyers” not been answered yet?
  • What exactly is authority today?
  • Two good reasons why legal still clings to print; along with one not-so-good reason.
As with the other video, please remember that these are from my notes and my memory and nothing in this should be considered a direct quote from Roberta Shaffer. 
In the next video, the discussion will move to the changing roles of the players within our space.