After a few weeks of being serious with the Elephant Post questions, we decided to tone it down a little bit this week and let you stretch your Pop-Culture muscles and tell us what movie or television show, that features lawyers, you think is the greatest of all time. I mentioned last week that Joss

I bet a lot of you either have Comcast, DirectTV or U-Verse. Me? None of the above. All I’ve got is a laptop, an HDMI cable and flat-screen plasma TV. I can stream my Netflix or my Hulu account from my laptop onto my TV. Or watch a DVD. Or I can surf the web

Three Geeks and a Law Blog: Do We Need 3D?
Sitting here reflecting on the week in news, I am pondering the oncoming new technology: 3D TV.

I must ask: do we really need this?

Like I want to see “Judge Judy” in 3D. Or any of the variations of “CSI” or “Law and Order”–aren’t they grizzly enough? What’s next? 3D videos of our law