I bet a lot of you either have Comcast, DirectTV or U-Verse. Me? None of the above. All I’ve got is a laptop, an HDMI cable and flat-screen plasma TV. I can stream my Netflix or my Hulu account from my laptop onto my TV. Or watch a DVD. Or I can surf the web on my big screen. Or I can slideshow my favorite art while I play my iTunes during a party. Just one example how I use technology to save money.

  • My big reason for still having cable is to watch live sporting events (espn3's coverage of college field hockey doesn't cut it for me)… And my kids would freak out if they couldn't get their daily fix of the Cartoon network.
    Although, I have been thinking of doing the internet only life and learning to live off of streaming video for entertainment, I just don't know if I'm ready tocut the cable strings quite yet.

  • Greg, it's amazing how fast your kids will adapt to not having the Cartoon network, especially when they discover all the cartoon movies on Netflix.