Three Geeks and a Law Blog: Do We Need 3D?
Sitting here reflecting on the week in news, I am pondering the oncoming new technology: 3D TV.

I must ask: do we really need this?

Like I want to see “Judge Judy” in 3D. Or any of the variations of “CSI” or “Law and Order”–aren’t they grizzly enough? What’s next? 3D videos of our law conferences?

I don’t think anything could enliven some of those CLEs.

Sorry, speaking for myself, I would rather have the opportunity to PhotoShop my photos rather than present myself in all of my 3Ded glory (note: I just made the first, documented use of 3D as a verb).

I mean, really? Do we need 3D TV?

Probably as much as those $300 Prada shoes that I have been keening over. I’m guessing a certain portion of our population is much more excited about the possibilities of 3D. May I interject the phrase “football fanatics”?

I daresay one thing that has yet to be considered is the impact that 3D will have on sports and the ref calls? It is going to get brutal. I can see this train wreck coming and I don’t even watch sports.

Then, of course, you know what’s following on the heels of all of this … 3D internet.

Just what we need: YouTubers 3Ding their every move. Oh, God, save me now.

  • Actually, I fear 3D porn…. uuggghhh

    The has been some testing of live sporting events in 3D at movie theatres a year or two ago. I don't know how that turned out, but I didn't see ads for it this year so I'm assuming "not well."

  • YES!

    I don't think the 3D is for Judge Judy. Just like HD is not for Judge Judy.

    It's about keeping the media relevant. The new 3D movies shown how compelling the viewing can be. Avatar is not the same without 3D.

    TV moved to HD because it was lagging in quality and needed to catch up to be a better media than the low-def product on the internet.

    I don't think HD of 3D is going to anything to help enliven a CLE program.

  • Sorry Lisa – but I have to go with Doug on this one.

    Did we need Twitter? Did we need blogs? Did we need blackberries?

    Once a new technology has a platform it enables a new voice. I'm not sure what that will be with 3D TV. Although I am guessing Judge Judy won't benefit from it.


  • I wouldn't mind a 3D option to some of the shows but I would prefer an on/off preference as sometimes it just gives me a headache.

  • Until we can have 3d with out the glasses then i think it should just jump back into the screen and stay 2d, we should be watching screen's that can change from your nice little 32 inch too a big 60 inch when you need it to watch movies, sporting events and so on, i know projectors do this . i like the new thing with the transparent screens , so when your out , you look like you are poor and you don't have a tv.