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On Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting with Tom Baldwin and Scott Preston to discuss LPM and general law firm challenges. One subject came up that triggered a repressed memory. Tom mentioned the importance of the users’ experience  – UX or UI (user interface) depending on your perspective – when seeking adoption

When I woke up yesterday, my $2.00 alarm clock told me it was February 29, 2012. There were lots of blog posts about Leap Day and how it affected court filings and whatnot, but I really just thought of it as just another day in the law firm biz… However, by the end of the

I’m still amazed at some of the Microsoft products that are common on the desktop in 2012. So, here’s a few I want to see go away by year’s end:

You’re not much better than your cousin IE6
Really?? Everytime I reboot I have to see this??
It’s not that I don’t love you… I’d

Greg and I decided to try something new. These “new thing” efforts typically occur during a three-beer solution, brainstorming session. This time we may have actually doubled our efforts, since the outcome has been … tragic.
We decided to try an affordable approach to tablets. With all the tablet hype and market growth going on,

TIP:  Under No Circumstances Personalize Anything for the Client One of the best ways to annoy your client is to remind them that they are just one of the cogs of your great legal empire.  Taking the time to personalize a communication and making the client feel that they are important to you, is just

TIP: Use Technology to Deliver Boring Stuff

A classic, annoying favorite of ours is building PowerPoint presentations with tons of text in small font on each slide. Don’t bother utilizing graphics, videos and other visually appealing tools. The only thing that makes this approach better is if you read the text to them. An annoying

TIP:  Make It Complicated for the Client (the more difficult, the more satisfying) The more technologically advanced you make your web site, the more your clients will see you for the technology wizard that you are.  One of the best ways to annoy your clients is to assume that they are all using Internet Explorer

TIP: Provide Content Rarely and Irregularly

Blogs are HOT and in demand, so this best practice will take some effort … Not. Since people prefer blogs that are regularly updated with fresh, compelling content, this is another easy best practice: You should only post up information on your legal topic blog when you feel like

TIP: Send A LOT of Content Daily email newsletters are perhaps the best thing you can do to annoy your clients each every morning. Clients truly desire the minutia of legal issues like “European Practice” or “Corporate Finance” and giving them anything less than a daily newsletter on such generic legal topics would be a