Back in the wild cyber-space days of the early 1990s the metaphors we used to describe our online tools were thrilling. We used web-browsers called Navigator or Explorer, we found our way in the real world using MapQuest, and we searched for content along the information super-highway using engines called Magellan, AltaVista, or Northern Light. 

I was getting my morning fill of Twitter updates this morning, when I saw a tweet from Emily Clasper go by that made a simple, yet intriguing statement:

I know most librarians have no clue about the ideas at #sesnyc but how are we supposed 2 b info experts if we don’t know how the

I knew this morning that I felt a blog post coming on… (it’s a little like a cold with less sneezing)

Does everybody know this trick? Maybe I’m the last one to figure it out…either way, it’s a good one! I didn’t want to pick on anyone so I’ve redacted this, hope it still makes