A couple of months ago, I found myself in New York with no obligations for the night and I thought I’d go catch a band at a local club. Sounded like a simple thing to do… I assumed that I could just simply walk down the street and wander blindly into the first club I

Having married into a very artistic family, I discovered that I’m really not as “artistically inclined” as I once thought. Not that this lack of skill has prevented me from doodling during meetings and conferences, mind you, but even the doodles aren’t really all that great. Fortunately, I came across a website that can help even

As much is Greg is hungry for free stuff, I am hungry for new technologies that will help ease my pain relative to alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) and related, emerging legal project management (LPM) challenges. So I am pleased to announce a new option on the market that may ease that

As much fun as I have talking shop about Thomson Reuters or LexisNexis on the blog… I also like to have some geeky fun with online resources like WolframAlpha. Today, I thought I’d walk through ten cool searches (some of them may actually be useful, too… but mostly they are just for fun.

Flights Overhead