The developers that were behind the popular online photo editor called Picnik (which was bought by Google and will go under Google+ Creative Kit later this month) have created an alternative (and free) site called PicMonkey. I played around with it and found it to have a lot of features for an online editor. It has many of the basic features you’d find in other sites (cropping, rotating, coloring, resizing, etc.) However, one of the most entertaining features of PicMonkey is the “Touch Up” features that allow you to edit profile photos. A handy feature for those of us that would like to fix a few things on our profile pictures, but don’t want to necessarily have any plastic surgery done to really fix what’s wrong with our profile pictures.

Just to have some fun, I thought I’d test it out on a picture of me from a couple years ago. I went through the options and used the following “Touch Up” features:

  • Blemish Fix (removed a couple of moles)
  • Airbrush (apparently, not just for Playboy models)
  • Wrinkle Reducer (I like to refer to them as “smile lines”)
  • Shine Reducer (I guess my shiny personality leaks)
  • Teeth Whiten (It’s all the rage)
  • Eye Brighten (gotta make those baby blues pop!)
  • Highlights (my wife tells me that “gray” is not a highlight color)
  • Weight Loss (ran this one a couple of times, just to make sure
Other options that I didn’t use are:
  • Spray Tan (Snookie, I am not)
  • Blush Boost (I’m embarrassed enough as it is)
  • Lip Tint (Never much into the whole Glam Rock stage, despite being a @GLAMbert)
  • Mascara (see Lip Tint)
  • Eye Tent (didn’t that go out in the late ’90s??)
  • Clone (tried it, only made me double the bad things)
So, with all these alterations, I have to look different. I’ll let you be the judge (but, please don’t judge me… I’m very sensitive!!) In case you need to ask, the original picture is on the right.

Go try out  PicMonkey for yourself and send me the before and after pictures!! Now, to go change my LinkedIn profile picture…